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IDEAL TS by Kanlux brand

IDEAL TS brand by Kanlux is designed for professionals.
We offer a comprehensive selection of electrical modular devices, which meet all required standards
and have been tested in professional testing laboratories.

Our foundation is Kanlux - European manufacturer of lighting solutions with domestic production
and over 30 years of experience.

What do you gain with IDEAL TS by Kanlux?

High quality, competitive price

100% of the products we sell are tested in our Laboratory, which are distributed. This allows us to offer you proven quality at an attractive price.

Safety & Certifications

IDEAL TS by Kanlux products ensure safety and failure-free use, as well as compliance with all standards applicable on European markets.

Wide range

A complete range of electrical modular devices, power equipment, housings and switchgear - all under one brand, compatible with each other - you don`t have to look any further.

Consistent Design

The consistent visual aesthetics and modern design of all products guarantee easy installation and intuitive operation.

Wide range of accessories

You can find all the products and devices you need, as well as expand standard versions with additional attractive functionalities.

Technical Support

Visual aesthetics are important to your customers. That`s why we guarantee a modern look for all products, easy installation and intuitive operation.

Our Customer Stories

Read what electrical installers who trust us say about IDEAL TS by Kanlux

Inż. Dariusz K.

President of the Electrical Installation Company

Modular devices of the IDEAL TS by Kanlux brand meet all necessary standards. Products of this brand are worth recommending due to their high technical level and well-thought-out solutions. IDEAL TS by Kanlux products have been installed in several housing developments and we will continue to use them.

Arkadiusz S.

Electrical Services Company

We have been using Kanlux products for a long time, including IDEAL TS by Kanlux equipment and devices. Above all, we use overcurrent protections KMB6 and residual circuit breakers that meet our expectations in terms of quality and price. Thanks to their high quality, IDEAL TS by Kanlux products are worth recommending and will continue to be used by our company. It is important for us that Kanlux priorities include high standards of cooperation and safety of products. IDEAL TS by Kanlux products have been used in many investments of several developers.

Manager Anna M.

Electrical Supplies Wholesaler

Kanlux SA is our permanent partner and supplier of IDEAL TS by Kanlux products. These include:
- KMI disconnectors,
- KMB6 overcurrent circuit breakers,
- KRD6 residual current circuit breakers,
- KCP contactors,
- KSD surge arresters,
- KMP motor circuit breakers.
All products meet the expectations and applicable standards. They are characterised by high quality workmanship not deviating from the leading brands. 5-year warranty is a big advantage of the brand.

Paweł P.

Electrotechnical wholesaler,
branch deputy director

Our regular offer of IDEAL TS by Kanlux products include KMB6 minature circuit breakers, KMI switch disconnectors, KRD6 and KRO6 residual current circuit breakers, KSD surge arresters and many other products by IDEAL TS by Kanlux. We recommend these products because they are well-thought-out solutions on a high technical level. Our customers use these products on many residential developments, sports and industrial facilities.

Research and Development

Research and Development

Our Brands

Explore our main brand and accompanying brands that create the best complementary offer on the market.

Lighting Solutions

We are ready to meet a variety of challenges.Are you looking for a light bulb for your hallway or do you want to light up your production hall or maybe your project requires an individual approach with the support of a technologist?
We are already getting down to work

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Lighting Solutions

In the Kanlux offer, you will find almost 3500 products, made in Poland and abroad. Most of the components of our own LED luminaires are made by us and their quality is confirmed by the 5-light warranty.

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Installation fixture

MOWION by Kanlux are ambitious solutions for inhabitants, investors, developers and installers, who believe that solutions based on quality will always defend themselves - during installation and for decades of use. Because quality either is there or it isn`. When you make a choice switch to MOWION and touch the magic.

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IDEAL TS by Kanlux brand products:


Products from Europe
and of own production

Electrical Installers

testing laboratory


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