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we offer a wide range of ready-to-use modular equipment - IDEAL TS by Kanlux. Get all the products
and devices you need from one manufacturer while maintaining the integrity of your system.

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IDEAL TS by Kanlux - KTB terminal blocks

The wide range of IDEAL TS by Kanlux products has been expanded with terminal blocks.

KP-DB metal housings in IDEAL TS by Kanlux

As a supplementation of the IDEAL TS by Kanlux offer, we have launched the first metal housings of our own production: KP-DB with DIN rails, for installation of modular equipment. They are designed for public and office buildings.

KDEM - Energy consumption meter

We would like to show you two IDEAL TS by Kanlux products, KDEM-3P LCD and KDEM-1P LCD energy consumption meters. These are the first products of this type concerning the range of IDEAL TS by Kanlux products.

Motor contactors in the IDEAL TS by Kanlux brand - KCP and KCPM

Also used in industrial automation circuits. Learn about their detailed properties.

KMP motor circuit breakers IDEAL TS by Kanlux

KMP series motor circuit breakers are three-phase devices with manual control. They are used to protect and connect circuits under load. They provide protection against short circuits and overloads thanks to built-in thermo-bimetal and magnetic trippings.

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